We've built KMediabrowser to have a powerful Multimedia viewer and converter, which also includes everything you need to enjoy your online and local media content.

You can show or play media files using the integrated File Explorer. It shows all playable media files in a comfortable manner. Simply open folder using the small arrow image and double click on a file you want to see or play, be it image, video or audio.

Playing with Online Media

Using the online Addressbar you can currently search for youtube videos (more to follow) or directly pass an internet-address.
If you pass a valid internet address KMediabrowser will try to find valid media in that website and propose them (if found) in a comfortable list.
Every online media can be downloaded (right click or download button) and - after download) converted into your favorite media format.

Playlist in KMediabrowser

Playlist management in KMediabrowser is easy.

Click on the playlist tab on the right side of the app and right click somewhere in a playlist, even if it is still empty.


Download online media

Start searching online media in the online address textfield or enter a valid internet address.

Wait a few seconds until KMediabrowser found some results and shows the online result list.

Then right click on an item in the list and choose "Download".

The "Download/Convert-Windows" will apear. Choose the folder where the downloaded media should be stored and press "Download".

Convert media

You can convert only local media. To convert online media you first need to download them.

Select your local media file in the file explorer and right-click on it. Select "Convert". 

Dependent on the media file (image, movie, music) the upcoming convert form can differ a bit, but the way is always similar.

The "Download/Convert-Windows" will apear. Choose the desired target format, the quality and convert speed, the folder where the converted media should be stored and press "Convert".

Share local and
online media with friends

This is a feature we are currently working on. It will for sure be available at the succesfull end of our Kickstarter Campaign.

It will work as follows: To be able to share your content or get content from others (this is local- or online media and also complete playlists) you need to sign up to the KMB membership. Of course, if not, you will neither be able to find other people nor yourself can be found by others.

After signing up, you can find other users by nickname, email and / or interests. 

You can send to users  a friend request. If they accept they are automaically added to your friendlist. 

You can organize your friend list the same flexible way as playlist, lets say you want to have separate lists for family, your football club and your very very best friends - no problem.

Once there are friends in your friend list you can start a chat-conversation mit lthem and send them the currently playing media or drag&drop a local or online media or even complete playlists to that active conversation.

You also can invite other friends to currently active conversations. There can be more than one conversation concurrently active.

Video-/Voice conversation will be added as soon as can fund needed licenses. Its already developed but we are not allowed to distribute it.


Licenses used by KMediabrowser

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Contributors for KMediabrowser

We would be glad, if you help us to keep this passionated project alive and make it better and bigger.

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