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We've built KMediabrowser to have a powerful Multimedia viewer and converter, which also includes everything you need to enjoy your online and local media content.

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KMediabrowser is completely freeware now! 

...because we love internet radio so much and because we where so busy in the last time creating the ULTIMATIVE mediaplay, we have spent another 2 or 3 days to bring internet radios 
on this website. Its small and nifty and - it works!

KMedia browser

Not just a mediaplayer but so much more...

It contains a comfortable filebrowser including a fast search engine, which makes it easy to find and view or listen to your media content in the integrated player.
(See images)
KMediabrowser also adds an online search bar that you can use to find movies or music from worldwide radiostations.
KMediabrowser makes it possible to also download or record online media.
 Even beginners will find it easy to convert media files into other modern formats.

Here is a link to our help web, which could give you a first impression about KMediabrowser.



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About us

We are a little group of three people who started this project nearly a year ago to overview our gathered material from hobby filming. But who are we?

First of all there is Caren, she is the head of this project and keeps us all in lane. She organizes our shedule and takes care of what we need. She keeps the group together and gets us in the right direction.

Then there is Kalli who worked as a programmer for more then 25 years. He gathered his experience through big projects in companies over years. He as well started of in smaller companies in diffrents direction to help to devolope projects to make a good start for those. In his freetime he likes to work on the computer as well, enjoying jazz music while doing it or watching movies from his collection over time. He is a very gentle and nice person, what makes it easy to work with him for sure. Sometimes he just enjoys to film nature and all kinds of other stuff. He likes creative work and art.

Then we have me, Skully, who is basically his best friend for a few years now. I like to support him where i can. My freetime is basically talking to my overseas friends and giving some input in the ideas Kalli has.

Then there are the two most important kids in this round. Mohrli and Fluffle two cats that are dealing with us 24/7. They supprt us and giving us creative input as well. They enjoy the sun and mostly sleeping around Kalli when he is working to calm him down.

  In the future we sure hope to find more people who want to join us and work with us in the same passionate way we do.


Feel free to contact us and write as a message using the mailform below.

You can also reach us on Twitter.



This website and KMediabrowser has been created by

Caren Katzke
Carlstrasse 28
38350 Helmstedt

Reponsible for content:
Caren Katzke
Karl-H. Kroenig
Indira Mainz

EMail: team##AxT##kmediabrowser.com (antispam address)

VAT identificaton number acc to $27a (German Value Added Tax Act):
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KMediabrowser Screenshots

This are some screenshots of the actual version. 

Convert media



Online search



Playlist and Filesearch


Easy file view


Technical Informations

On the following page you will find some interesting technical insides about KMediabrowser.

Also you will find informations about 3rd. party licenses and technics we have used to build KMediabrowser.

We are currently updating this informations nearly daily, so if you miss some insides, please stay patient and check the site later again.

Terms and Policies


Quote Of The Day

Due to high demand we publish here our "quote of the day" content which is shown at startup of KMediabrowser.


Quotes of the day

Online Help

Online Help for KMediabrowser is an ongoing project as we add with the time more and more features and gimmics. 

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