Technical details


List with current and planned upcoming features. For license informations see LICENSES.

# Feature Status Description Expected finished
1 File view / listen local Implemented all file types Done
2 Online view / listen Implemented all file types Web- and Shoutcast Radio completed. Youtube completed. Direct urls to online media completed. 
More to follow (Build a guideline for TV- and radiostations, VIMEO, FB, Twitter etc.)


3 Playnext / Repeat Implemented online and local For local files this works for current folder and starts on top file, if last file has been reached. For online searches this works literally endless (max. 1000 search result items are predefined, which should be enough for a weekend or so... 100%
4 Auto continue at last media and mediapostion at startup Implemented online and local This feature is very useful, if one has to work on clips for example and wants to continue the next day. This feature affects the application startup-speed and can be switched on or off under options 100%
5 Tag- and Filesearch-Engine Implemented for local media files We decided NOT to implement this for online media 100%
6 Youtetube search Implemented Need to implement the sort order of results (Relevance, Most rated, Most viewed etc.) 100%
7 Google Cast / Google Home Was working already for local and online media.  Need to be reviewed an reimplmented. Some kind of local media files needs to be reconverted on the fly in order to be playable via G-Cast or G-Home. 70%
8 Auto switch player on different file types (video, images, sound Implemented online and local Automcatically recognize media files or live streams and switches the player according to the file type 100%

To continue To continue To continue ?% complete

To continue To continue To continue ?% complete

To continue To continue To continue ?% complete


KMediabrowser uses libraries and source code using the following licenses.

# Name License Website
1 VideoLan LibVLC GNU, MIT license
2 FFMPEG LGPL 2.1 or later
3 WebRTC WebRTC-License
4 Tag- and Filesearch-Engine  LGPL  ttps://
5 Youtetube search  Proprietary
6 Google Cast / Google home  Proprietary
7 IConference / WebRTC  Proprietary
8 NVCL by Roman Ginzburg GPLv3
9 SQLITE  Public Domain
10 Telerik / Progress  Proprietary
11 ImageMagick Proprietary

Many thanks goes to ...
vtortola - for his WebsocketListener (
Roman Ginzburg - for his excellent base implementation NVLC which makes the use of LibVLC so much easier.
and many many others which made not just our life easier but helped us enourmously to learn techniques to make KMediabrowser what it is now!

Supported file formats

List of supported media file formats (not complete)

Format Description
MP4 Modern video format, video encoded mostly with h264 or the newer h265 codec, audio with mp3 or aac, good compression, good quality, streamable and supported by almost any modern device.
Webm Modern video format, video encoded with VP8 or VP9, audio with Ogg Vorbis
Avi Older video format, mostly supported by Windows platforms
Ogv Free Video- (and audio) codec. Video encoded with Theora, audio with oga, streamable format
flv Video Flash format
WMV Windows media format, streamable
MPG Video format
DIV3 Video format
DivX Video format
AAI Image
BMP, BMP2, BMP3 Image
CGB Image
CIN Image
CMYK Image
CR2 Image
CRW Image
DCM Image
DCS Image
DIB Image
EMF Image
FAX Image
FPX Image
GIF Image
HDR Image
ICO Image
JPG, JPEG, JPeg2 Image
PCX Image
Ani Image animated
PGM Image
PNG, PNG8, PNG32, PNG48,PNG64 Image
RGB Image
RLE Image
SVG Image
TGA Image
TIFF Image
WMF Image
YUV Image
WAV Music, Sound
MP3 Music, Sound
AAC Music, Sound
OGA Music, Sound
MID Music, Sound
And many many more...  


A list of changes since 2017

3.1.7142.2842319 07 22 15:58 Bugfix: Application freezes, if Youtube Videourl can not be decrypted.

3.1.7142.2722919 07 22 15:21
- Bugfix: Youtube - Search freezes application, when autoplay is on. Fixed.
3.1.6911.3039418 12 03 18:30 Splachscreen added.
Minor bugfixes.

3.1.6890.3138518 11 12 17:30 Bugfix: Youtube changed its internal download api. Fixed.
Bugfix: Download or Convert multiple items did not work. Fixed.

3.1.6809.2962518 08 23 16:33
New: KMB is freeware now.
3.1.6803.4120318 08 17 22:58Minor visual glitches.
3.1.6796.3793018 08 10 21:09Minor design enhancements.
3.1.6793.3328018 08 07 18:34Minor fixes and tweaks.
3.1.6792.4235918 08 06 23:37Fix: Network remote drive not recognized as local drive.
3.1.6791.2500618 08 05 13:58Removed: Waiting bar in online search.
3.1.6788.25918 08 02 00:13Small bugfix: The screen snapshot selection window did not work properly (in playlist, add/edit item).
3.1.6783.147818 07 28 00:55New: All forms should now close pressing Excape. Started implementing a nice "Fade-Out" on all closing App-Forms.
3.1.6782.3716518 07 27 20:43Release Update.
3.1.6782.3696118 07 27 20:37Deploy - Test
3.1.6782.3587418 07 27 20:07New: Added Shazam functionality (Click "Shazam", choose your mcrophone and click on "Listen")
New: For streamed audio based on the Shoutcast/Icecast protocoll - and most do - you get instant informations with F7 about the currently playing artist/title.
3.1.6780.3793418 07 25 21:13Fixes: Minor small fixes. Maintenance update.
3.1.6780.2522818 07 25 14:09New: WebM Images are included now in Player and Converter.
New: Minor fixes
3.1.6780.2522818 07 25 14:05

3.1.6780.131918 07 25 00:49New: Online Radiostations can now be published and rated to the community.
3.1.6779.3738618 07 24 20:52New: Personal data like playlists, media history, network credentials or tag and friends-database now stored in user related folder.
3.1.6779.3286118 07 24 18:22Fix: Playnext exits fullscreen. Small improvements. Database now correctly backed up.
3.1.6778.2320118 07 23 13:00Fixed: Tag edit top-right did not worked with spaces.
Fixed: Server side check for update did not correctly compared current Version numbers (3.1.7777.5555)
3.1.6777.2240118 07 22 12:51Small fixes done.
3.1.6776.4306918 07 22 00:05Added: Webradio search by genre and / or title. Our directory will grow with the time, currently we have collected about 6800 stations.
3.1.6775.3847818 07 20 21:28Fixes: sorry, no more traverse local folders at the moment. Use right click on a folder and choose "Play all". This includes all subfolders then.

3.1.6775.3639618 07 20 20:18Fix: Traversefolder in file explorer took too long to build a playlist.
3.1.6775.3221518 07 20 18:02Fixes: Invalid context menu items in playlist.

3.1.6775.2482918 07 20 13:52Autoupdate test
3.1.6775.2394418 07 20 13:26Dummy: To test auto update.
3.1.6775.2376718 07 20 13:16Fixes: Small fixes still found and done.

3.1.6775.2345718 07 20 13:06Hupps: Shazam button already visible, but not yet implemented. Fixed.
3.1.6775.2265918 07 20 12:41Fixed: A very rare error if a folders thumbnail is whyever corrupt, the file explorer stopped working.
3.1.6775.1921218 07 20 10:45Update: All done so far.
3.1.6775.1426218 07 20 08:03New: Help is now hosted online. It will be downloaded at first call for offline use. This will make sure, you have always the latest help including tips & tricks. Also an advantage is, that we can include how to videos etc. in the help page.
3.1.6775.251118 07 20 01:30New: All the bory stuff with serials and editions integrated. Online and offline.
3.1.6768.3729218 07 13 21:44Update: Play next stops full screen.
3.1.6767.2472418 07 12 13:47Autosetup reworked.
3.1.6767.2468818 07 12 13:45Autoupdate reworked.
3.1.6767.2459318 07 12 13:41Autoupdate now with early access.
3.1.6767.2441218 07 12 13:37Autoupdate now with early access.
3.1.6767.2441218 07 12 13:36New: Early access introduced in auto update.
3.1.6767.2334918 07 12 13:05New: Early access for autoupdates introduced.

3.1.6767.2334918 07 12 13:01New: Introduced Early access in autoupdates.
3.1.6767.2282218 07 12 12:48New: Autoupdate redesign to allow accessing early access program.